Automation Technologies is an engineering and software development firm that offers the highest level of experience in industrial automation and process control.

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Automation Technologies' Experience

Automation Technologies' services include programming and configuration of industrial software and systems design. Our engineers and automation specialists possess an average of fourteen years of practical automation and controls experience. We have completed successful projects for companies such as ALCAN, Dupont, Dow, Johnson & Johnson, and others. We strive to provide superior service, and pride ourselves in our ability to complete complex projects as well as providing quick response to emergency situations. Our staff is dedicated to helping companies take advantage of the latest in control systems and plant-floor information systems technology. We have a broad range of experience in control systems design, electrical and electronics design, and software development. We combine this with unsurpassed depth in industry field experience, and a commitment to excellence in providing the best solution to meet your specific needs.

  • System Design
  • On-Site Technical Support
  • PLC Based Systems
  • Motion Control Systems
  • DCS Based Systems
  • Machine Retrofits
  • Process Control
  • Bar Code Systems
  • Plant Floor Information Systems
  • Consulting
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Control Panel Build
  • Vision Systems
  • Cad Services
  • Installation Services




Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 


Allen-Bradley PanelView



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