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Control Engines

Control Engines

Today there are a lot of alternatives to the traditional PLC for a control engine.  Some of which include Soft PLCs, computers, and embedded controllers.   A lot of I/O manufacturers are embedding a controller in their I/O.  Although we do use controllers other than PLCs, most customers currently feel more comfortable with the traditional PLC approach.  The future will allow an incredible number of choices on how the control system architecture is implemented.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are other types of control engines reliable?  Some of these have been around for over a decade.  Others are brand new.  A lot can depend on the capabilities of the programmer.  Some programmers need more support and safety nets than others and would be better off using a PLC.  However, for good programmers, control engines can offer advantages over PLCs.  Our advice is to try new technology on simple and non-critical processes first.  

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